December 1, 2014

Dear family and friends,        Monday December 1, 1964

My compainion is Elder Williams. He likes basketball and playing the piano
We are serving in Prune Hill ward and Grass Valley ward in Camas Washington.  we were white washed in
the last 4 transfers new missionaries were white washed in every transfer, so they are tierd of new missionaries
We have meet with both mission leaders and the Bishop of Grass Valley
We have a car it is a Chevy Malibu 2012..  Elder Williams drives we have 1000 miles a month.
I do not know much about my district or zone yet
We have two main investigators.
Elder Woodward is in Portland
I am doing great. We live with members.  They have a 26 year old autistic son. This area needs a lot of work. Grass Valley seems like they would help if the work started going. We have i-pads here. they are really useful because we can access our area book, ward list, facebook, gospel library, etc from them. I am on facebook, same account.

Camas is okay. While here it has rained, snowed, sleeted, blew, shined, and hailed. People say that it is going to be a bad winter. I can barely see Mt St Helens from here on a clear day, and can also see mt hood. Here there are hills everywere. There is houses on the hills no matter how steep. The people here are very nice. We had two thanksgiving meals, one right after the other. The work is going slow, but we know we can pick it up.. It is weird to think that this is how my next two years will be. I am happy for a lot of new things i am doing, but also sad that i will be leaving behind family, my truck, camping, my guns, etc. I hope i will be able to send you pictures later today and send another email about the mailing situation. (I can email from my ipad at the church. right now i am at the library though because we had to drive some elders here that do not have ipads or a car).
Elder Casey Jensen