December 23, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                                   Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We are going to have a great Christmas here.  Elder Williams and I might go over to Forest Home's apartment for breakfast.  (Forest Home Ward Elders)  We are going to bake cookies and bring them to everyone we visit and teach.  We are also going to have dinner with some members, who are recently released ward missionaries.  besides that, Christmas stinks on a mission.  At least here it does.  Not because of the reasons you might think.  It stinks because no one here want to make appointments the week of  Christmas.  All of our investigators are not open to missionary visits the whole week!  (That is the reason why we are delivering cookies!)

Having ipads on your mission is awesome.  They are an incredible tool.  We have our area book and planner on them.  We also have gospel library.  So So we have access to basically everything we would need.  It is also really cool because one missionary can take a picture and sent it via airdrop to anyone else.  We can also get on facebook.  There is a rumor that they are going to give us iphones so that we can set up hot spots so that we can have wi-fi for our ipads anywhere.

Camas is very interesting.  Downtown is old and has a paper mill nearby.  Our area is on Prune Hill.  It is a more wealthy area.  Even on the hill you can smell the paper mill though.  You can smell it even more when it rains.  The high school in Camas has some good sports teams.  Their mascot is the Papermakers.

Living with the members here is pretty interesting.  Their son is really nice.  He always waves at us and gives us thumbs up.  other than that though, I think I would rather live in an apartment.  Living with members is awkward.  We should be moving in with the Forest Home Elders soon.

Elder Casey Jensen