December 22, 2014

 Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, December 22, 2014 at 10:40 a.m. (PST)

here is a look at my week

Monday - played basketball with zone for p-day. I am not feeling too well this whole week (upset stomach, headache). We taught an investigator. We planned on teaching more commandments but ended up reading Mosiah 18 and talking about baptism. the rest of the lesson we just answered questions.  deep questions about Christ, the second coming, and the scriptures.

Tuesday - We had a district meeting. We also went to the post office because Elder Williams and Livingston had some packages to send off. Then Elder Williams and I went to the Temple!!!!! Elder Williams has a convert from his first area who went through for the first time. she loved the temple a ton. it was really cool to go to the temple and see the fruit and joy that missionary work can accomplish.

Wednesday - Today was full of lessons. We taught three different lessons.  We taught her the rest of the restoration. After that we stopped by a former investigator. We taught a short lesson on the doorstep and made an appointment to come back next week. We also stopped by another former investigator.

Thursday - We had a lesson and a member came with us. We read Alma 32 and talked about faith. overall good lesson. We had a lesson scheduled but no one answered the door or the phone. We visited an older couple. they are members. They loved us visiting them because they do not get out much. We had dinner with members. We also had a lesson. We taught the plan of salvation.

Friday - today we had weekly planning and also planned for a lesson we have to teach on Sunday. We had dinner with members.  Then exchanges. Elder Livingston (District Leader) is coming here with Elder Williams, and I am going there with Elder Smith. they are over the Forrest Home ward.

Saturday - today I am with Elder Smith. They have one of the nicest apartments ever. Two bedrooms and two and a half baths. The rumor is Elder Williams and I will be moving in with them after Christmas. I sure hope so because i love it there. Today Elder Smith just called people as I practiced the rubics cube (every missionary here has a rubics cube and knows how to solve it). Elder Smith taught me how to solve it. We went caroling with the zone at an assisted living center. Then we had dinner with members. they are serious star wars fans. they named all their kids after star wars. they also collect star wars stuff. their 18 year old son has a star wars collection that i bet in worth over $100,000!! After dinner we went tracting for a bit. After that I went back to my area.

Sunday - Today we taught a preach my gospel class in the grass valley ward. It went pretty good. We also went to missionary correlation meeting even though most of the meeting had nothing to do with us. they are planning a family history activity and the Camas library. tonight we went to the stake devotional. It was all music. it was one of the best Christmas devotionals i have every seen. they had choir numbers, solos, piano solos, organ solos, cello, violin, trumpet, and beat boxing (i am serious). it is the first time i have ever seen beat boxing done over a chapel microphone. we also drove by a house that was decorated with Christmas lights. the house had lights EVERYWHERE on the lawn and house. the Christmas lights also flashed and moved with music. you could tune in on the radio and listen to music that the lights were going to.

overall great week. the temple and the Christmas devotional were my favorite parts of the week.

Elder Casey Jensen