February 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, February 2, 2015
This is what my week has looked like…
Monday – pday. We played basketball. After pday we taught a lesson. We reviewed with her the restoration.
Tuesday – today we were on exchanges. Elder Williams and Elder Morris stayed here and Elder Rothwell and I were in Fern Prarie Ward. District meeting was in the morning. I enjoyed it. We talked about teaching investigators based on their needs. Elder Williams got sick today, so Elder Rothwell and I covered both Fern Prairie and our area today. In Fern Prairie we meet with a lady who has a sewing room above the garage. That went well. We shared with her a spiritual thought. We also meet for a lesson in Prune Hill Ward. Today we talked to him about how to know if what we teach is true or not, by reading the book of Mormon. He does not believe in a God right now. We promised that if he read the book of Mormon and prayed, asking specific questions with real intent, that God will answer him.
Wednesday – today Elder Williams and I meet with for a lesson. He is Hindu.  He had a stroke. This lesson with him was very interesting and short. Last time we left him with a Hindi book of Mormon (Hindi is his native language). Today he started talking to us about the “book of knowledge,” how it was really old and really important. We did not understand really what he was talking about. He said he would show it to us, went upstairs, and brought down the Hindi book of Mormon! We were like, “dude, we gave that to you!” as we found out, he had read the introduction. We tried to explain that the “book of knowledge” and the book of Mormon were the same.
Thursday – we had a zone conference with three zones attending. It was really good! (and long) Elder Williams played a musical number on the piano that was awesome! Tonight we taught a lesson. We talked about missionary work and the priesthood.
Friday – today was weekly planning. We also talked to  non-member. They live on a hill and their next door neighbor had a landslide. We talked about her coming to church and taking the missionary discussions. She said she could not come to church this week, but would come the next!
Saturday – Tonight we had a lesson. We taught a few of the commandments including tithing and fasting. We also moved his baptism date back to the 20th. Really good lesson!
Sunday – Nothing really to report about church. It went great. We had a lesson today. We taught keeping the Sabbath day holy and chastity. We had a priest come with us to this lesson as well.  He is awesome! He has no problems with living the commandments!
 Elder Jensen