March 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,                                 Monday, March 2, 2015

I can not see any of the mountains from here. They have large rolling hills here with lots of trees that block your view of the mountains. We are really close to Mt. St. Helens here, but I have never seen it. In Camas we could see Mt. Hood and the tip of Mt. St. Helens, but not here.

Weekly outlook:
Monday: p-day with basketball and nothing exciting. Tonight we taught a lesson and put her on date for baptism.
Tuesday: this morning we helped unload the bishops storehouse truck and helped deliver food to needy ward members. Today we interviewed an individual for baptism. Tonight we had a ton of lessons. Everyone around here is really friendly, so almost everyone will let you teach them a lesson, but people rarely follow commitments.
Wednesday: today we had our iPad conference. We got new iPads that we will be able to keep after our missions. We also got Facebook taken away for at least a few months  so that they can train us on how to properly use it. Tonight we taught a lady.
Thursday: today we did a lot of work in Kalama, a town a few miles up the freeway that is in 2nd ward. Tonight we taught a lady about some commandments. We then taught an individual about the priesthood.
Friday: this morning we taught a lady again. We taught her the rest of the commandments. Tonight we took an individual up to the Longview stake center to show him the baptismal font and give him a lesson. We taught about temples.
Saturday: the biggest thing that happened today is that we taught a lady. We taught her the plan of salvation. A gentleman came to the lesson.  He is the 16 year old who owns a bakery. 
Sunday: 6 hrs of church. 2nd ward PEC and ward council. We only had one investigator at church. That was pretty depressing. Tonight we taught a family.

 Elder Casey Jensen