April 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,                   Monday, April 6, 2015

My companion is: Elder Dustin Winn
Elder Winn is from South Jordan, Utah.
He has been out for 8 months.
Elder Winn likes sports (football, basketball, volleyball, baseball). He likes watching sports and playing sports. Elder Winn and I get along great. We knew each other in the Vancouver East Zone, so we have lots to talk about. This transfer sounds like it is going to be awesome.

 How are the Woodland wards with helping the missionaries? 
Both wards are awesome with helping us. Ward councils here are all about missionary work. Both wards focus more on less actives than investigators though, which is good I guess because there is a lot of less actives here.

Feeding them?
We get feed by members every night.

Do members come with you to teach lessons?
Not as much as I would like. What we need is some way to organize it. The members love to help. We just need a list of who is available and when.

What is the weather like lately?
The weather here has been nice. It has been mostly sunny with a few scattered showers.

This weekend was general conference! We had a lot of funny experiences with general conference and all of them have to do with napping. We watched one session with Skip. He fell asleep 15 minutes into it and remained asleep until the end. At the end he woke up, and then told us that he hadn't been sleeping, but listening. It was pretty funny. We watched another session with the Shaws, an awesome old couple. Brother Shaw fell asleep for most of the session and was snoring like a bear. I can't blame them though, I fell asleep for at least a few minutes in every session. Elder Winn got pictures of me sleeping in every session.
Weekly outlook:

Monday: p-day. We stayed in Woodland because we did not have enough miles to go to Longview. We played some basketball. Tonight we taught and tried to show her a short video on Easter.

Tuesday: the day before transfers. Elder Smith said goodbye to a lot of people. We had a lesson. We had lessons tonight with families.

 Wednesday: transfers. Instead of going to the transfer meeting everyone in the Longview and Rainer Zones wait at the Longview stake center. We watched The District (missionary training videos) and ate donuts and had hot chocolate. Our companions finally showed up and a Elder Winn and I headed back to Woodland. We went shopping so Elder Winn could get some stuff. After that we had a lesson.

 Thursday: we started cleaning out the area book. We drive by former investigators and delete them out of the area book if the are not interested. We had several lessons. 

Friday: today we drove up to Kalama because we had a couple of appointments up there. They both ended up canceling. We did some weekly planning and had a Papa Murphy's pizza for lunch. We had a lesson. After dinner we had a 2nd Ward Easter social.

 Saturday: general conference. We watched the first session. He made us some breakfast, and then promptly feel asleep for basically all the session. After that we had a "lesson". We watched the other two sessions of conference with a couple of members.

 Sunday: we watched both sessions of conference with members. We had a huge dinner, but other than that nothing interesting happened besides it being Easter.

 Elder Jensen