December 15, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,                               Monday, December 15, 2014 at 11:15a.m. (PST)

Time to answer questions:

I can attend the temple four times a year.  I did think that the Celestial Room in the Portland temple was cool. 

Elder Williams is from Hiawatha, Kansas. He went to the MTC June 5, 2013.

I am currently in Alma 12 in my personal study (I read about 6 chapters of Book of Mormon a day)

I also wanted to thank the Browns for the package they sent.  I also want to thank everyone who has sent me letters, I enjoy them a ton.  I would also like to request some pictures of the San Juan Mountains, the adobes, and other prominent Montrose landmarks, you can sent them whenever is most convenient for you.

This week has been interesting. Most of our work so far has been looking up people in the area book (record of people taught, or interested in the missionary discussions).

We have a new investigator this week.  He is interested in just talking religion with us.  He just got out of the air force and is looking at going into the navy.

We taught a lady about the restoration and she seemed interested in it.  We told her that she needs to read the Book of Mormon to know if what we tell her is true or not. We set up another appointment for next week.

We taught another lady some of the commandments this week. She wants to be baptized, but wants to make sure it is for the right reasons.

We are still teaching another investigator.  He just needs to receive faith of his own.

The weather this week has been very windy. Many trees have been blown over onto people's houses, cars, etc. It has also been very cold. This last week we had two Christmas parties. The Prune Hill Ward Christmas party was huge. They decorated the gym. The theme was back to Bethlehem and everyone wore ancient attire. They decorated the gym to look like Bethlehem two (very extensive decorations, i wish i would have taken pictures of it). The Grass Valley Ward Christmas party was a brunch. The food was really good and they also had Santa. 

My hour is almost up (one hour is so short to do everything!), so i guess i will have to close. There is so many other things i could write about, but i can't think of any. I guess i will have to write a letter with the rest.

Elder Casey Jensen